Affordable Healthcare Act: Right of Every Citizen

Affordable healthcare act is what every citizen of this world desires for.  Healthcare is one of the most important and most researched departments in every country’s government. Without the proper health care act and facilities no citizen of the world can stay healthy. An affordable healthcare act helps citizen to utilize benefits which otherwise they could not afford to make use of. Affordable health act helps poor citizens to fight with tough diseases by allowing different offers and packages like loan or insurance and since these kind of acts are mostly government controlled they are reliable.


An affordable healthcare act is a desirable socio – political decision for every country in the world. Proper healthcare is one of the basic and fundamental right of each citizens of every country deserves to have.  A strong country needs to have healthy citizen to be one.  But unfortunately almost all the countries have the problem of lack of proper basic health care system, some more some few, especially for the less privileged people. And with the rising cost of healthcare facilities the number of people not being able to afford basic healthcare amenities and services are increasing. Introduction of affordable healthcare act can solve the problem to a greater extent.

It is not that the government of the countries worldwide are not doing anything but unfortunately it is falling short to help the citizen.

Things that should be covered

An affordable healthcare act should be made, keeping in mind all the necessary aspect and types of health care services that should be made available to all. There should be no discrimination for the poor or rich. Everyone deserves and should get same kind of healthcare service. Through an affordable act the cost of healthcare service can be brought down to a level that is payable by all. Provision for insurance, medical discount plans and provisions for medical savings plan should also be included in an affordable healthcare act.

Affordable healthcare act should encourage companies to provide some healthcare benefits to their employees alongside other facilities. Senior citizens should get benefits from an affordable healthcare act. Improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare should be taken care of Improving the infrastructure of hospitals and building sufficient number of hospitals must also be a part of any heath care act, so that no citizen is deprived of treatment due to lack of beds and equipments required for various treatments

There should be proper guidelines regarding the healthcare workforce. Newest and innovative medical therapies should be encouraged in an affordable healthcare act. There should be transparency and integrity in every health care service and a healthcare act should take care of that. A healthcare act should also take initiative to educate people about healthcare programs and also about different diseases. No citizen should have wrong notion about any kind of disease.

At the end

An affordable healthcare act is a necessity for every country to have healthy and happy citizen. Governments of every country should work on to not only introduce but to run it effectively.